Autism and Your Child

What is autism?

What causes autism?

How is autism diagnosed?

If my child has autism, does it mean that he or she is mentally retarded?


To better understand your child's strengths and weaknesses, I am happy to discuss your concerns and assess your child such that you have an objective perspective of your child's strengths and possible challenges. Here is an example of what is involved in an assessment:
  • Parent Interview.
  • Checklists for you to complete about your child.
  • Assessment of your child such as IQ testing, interview, play-based behavior evaluation.
  • Interview or consultation with current teacher or providers.

Assessment results will be discussed with you and written in a report for you to use, as necessary, to educate others about your child's strengths and challenges. For example, your child might require more specific instruction or behavior modifications to succeed in his or her current setting, or more time to complete assignments.