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Advocacy and Forensic Evaluations

Dr. Pegeen Cronin is a clinical psychologist who specializes in diagnostic evaluations, consultations, forensic evaluations, and advocacy on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Cronin conducts evaluations consistent with best-practice guidelines, including the use of autism-specific measures, for individuals who range in age from early childhood through adulthood. Typically, individuals present with a variety of developmental, cognitive, behavioral, or emotional issues, necessitating a comprehensive evaluation that provides clarification of what might be attributed to a delay in development or other diagnostic issues, such as trauma, cognitive disabilities, depression, anxiety, inattention, and hyperactivity. Her report provides evaluation results comprehensible to the reader and is intended as a guide or “road map” to obtain educational or community-based services or provide in-custody recommendations.

Dr. Cronin has participated in meetings for a student’s Individual Education Program, Fair Hearings, provided Expert Testimony, and conducted forensic evaluations for individuals in-custody and death penalty mitigation.