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Evaluations for Adults
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Diagnostic Evaluation for an adult-age family member

On a regular basis, families are concerned about their adult child or relative who has demonstrated difficulties in his or her educational progress, holding a job, possibly exhibiting depression or anger management difficulties, and in general maintaining their independence.

Dr. Cronin has extensive experience in providing evaluations for families who seek to appeal for a family member who is suspected of having autism or developmental disability and has not been able to secure services from entities such as the Department of Developmental Services Regional Centers or the Social Security Administration. These evaluations are considered forensic evaluations as they must comprehensively document your family member’s lifetime history and whether it was impacted by a developmental disability such as autism.

The evaluation provides results and recommendations in a written report. Should your family member have a developmental disability, the report is intended to meet the state and community agency requirements such as Social Security and the California Department of Developmental Services (Regional Center) to access the support needed. Dr. Cronin cannot guarantee that your family member will be awarded services sought, but she has written reports for adults with developmental disabilities that have helped them secure support from the Regional Center, the Social Security Administration, and conservatorship.

In light of the complexity involved, this type of evaluation requires extensive interviews with family members, assessment appointments, and the following additional documentation must be assembled and provided:

  • All educational records: The individual must request an entire educational file from all prior schools especially those attended when very young.
  • All psychological and psychiatric records
  • Job history
  • Information and permission to contact other family members, former teachers, and others who have known the individual since they were young.

Fees are determined based on the complexity and volume of records and start at $7500.00.