Autism and Your Child

What is autism?

What causes autism?

How is autism diagnosed?

If my child has autism, does it mean that he or she is mentally retarded?

Diagnostic Evaluation

Diagnostic Evaluation for your child, including measures administered:
  • Parent Interview.
    • Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R).
      • This is the gold-standard measure for an autism evaluation, and because it is comprehensive in nature, it helps in identifying general issues of concern.
    • Measure of adaptive functioning such as the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales.
  • Psychological Assessment.
    • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS).
    • Measure or measures specific to your child’s level of cognitive functioning.
    • Play-based behavior evaluation.
  • Review of records.
  • Meeting with parents to review results, diagnosis, and recommendations, and written report.
    • Results will include discussion of your child's strengths and challenges. The report will provide the assessment results discussed with you, diagnosis, and recommendations, in detail, specific to your child. Recommendations provided are specific to the individual and family. For example recommendations might include requesting specific interventions from the school district or the Regional Center (specific to California). In very young children this might include individualized structured teaching (e.g., discrete trial training), and as children get older this might include specific behavior modifications, communication strategies, and social skills training.
Diagnostic Evaluation for an adult-age family member

On a regular basis I work with families who are concerned about their adult child or relative who has demonstrated difficulties in his or her educational progress, holding a job, possibly exhibiting depression or anger management difficulties, and in general maintaining their independence. Typically this type of evaluation requires extensive interviews with family members and review of any or all educational records to begin to appreciate this family member’s challenges. Should your family member present with a developmental disability, the written report is intended to meet state and community agency requirements, such as Social Security and California Department of Developmental Services (Regional Center) to access the support needed.

Please contact Dr. Cronin directly to discuss this type of evaluation.