Autism and Your Child

What is autism?

What causes autism?

How is autism diagnosed?

If my child has autism, does it mean that he or she is mentally retarded?

What concerns do you have about your child or another member of your family?

Dr. Pegeen Cronin is a licensed clinical psychologist (license: PSY 16026) who specializes in diagnostic evaluations for individuals suspected of having an autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disability. Evaluations are consistent with best practice guidelines for identifying an autism spectrum diagnosis. Your concerns that might pertain to an autism spectrum diagnosis and thus require an autism evaluation include but are not limited to your child’s social abilities, “fitting-in,” relationships with peers and you, communication delays or inconsistencies, and day to day challenges. Because of the thoroughness of the autism evaluation, results might identify issues common in any number of diagnoses, not only autism, but depression, anxiety, inattention, or/and hyperactivity. A diagnostic evaluation teases apart these issues, provides answers to your questions and concerns, and gives direction on what is best for the individual, family, and providers. Dr. Cronin is also available for consultations, program evaluations, and advocacy. Assessments can be conducted throughout California, and offices for ongoing therapy are located in west Los Angeles (Westwood Blvd between Santa Monica Blvd and Olympic Blvd) and the west San Fernando Valley in Calabasas.

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