Autism and Your Child

What is autism?

What causes autism?

How is autism diagnosed?

If my child has autism, does it mean that he or she is mentally retarded?

Program Evaluation

Process will vary depending on program evaluation needs
  • Parent interview to review your concerns about your child's education and development or behavior.
  • Child psychological assessment to evaluate your child’s strengths and challenges.
  • Review of records to compare assessment results with your child’s progress over time.
  • Interviews with providers to learn about your child’s day to day interactions and abilities s/he demonstrates across different settings.
  • School visit to observe your child during some of his or her everyday activities.
  • Meeting with parents to review results and recommendations that identify what will help your child maximize his educational opportunities.
  • Summary of review and recommendations will be written such that you and providers will understand the best ways to help your child at school.