Autism and Your Child

What is autism?

What causes autism?

How is autism diagnosed?

If my child has autism, does it mean that he or she is mentally retarded?

Training & Lectures

Dr. Cronin's community opportunities to teach have included in-service trainings and lectures to parent groups (UCLA Nathanson Center, Rowland Heights Unified School District), educators (Ventura County Special Education Local Plan Area, Conejo Valley Unified School District), advocates (California Disability Rights), and medical providers (Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Sierra Vista Medical Center). Goals of instruction include demonstrating that providers have the necessary skills to recognize and work with children who present with autism spectrum disorders. Typically the foundation or framework is accessible to them, so it is a matter of matching the student’s needs to the resources, and not getting distracted by the stereotype of autism or other excuses for a student's behavior.

Dr. Cronin has also received additional training on the ADOS that allows her to train others in the community. Please CLICK HERE for more information on ADOS training.

Please contact Dr. Cronin to discuss your agency's training needs.